Aircraft Bailment Agreement

Unmanned Aircraft System (UEA) means an unmanned aircraft and the elements associated with safe operation, including control stations, data communications, support equipment, payloads, flight terminal systems, and take-off and rescue equipment. The unmanned aircraft (UA) is the flying component of the system that is piloted by a pilot over a ground control system or autonomously through the use of an on-board computer, communications and additional equipment necessary for the safe operation of the unmanned aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration issues either an Airworthiness Directive (AD) or a Certificate of Authorization (COA) for the entire system, not just the flying component of the system. Notification of UAS costs and flight hours is only necessary if the cumulative acquisition and operating costs meet the Agency`s capitalization threshold and if the UAS has a useful life of two years or more. 2. Borrowed aircraft: aircraft owned by a non-executive agency and made available to an executive agency for use without compensation. The executive agency manages and waits for the aircraft; (10) Type of inspection and maintenance program acquired by the aircraft in the preceding twelve months (vi) the acquisition of related services in aviation (i.e., services but not aircraft) by commercial contract, with the exception of services purchased to support a federal aircraft. (iv) leased aircraft that have been purchased for commercial purposes under an agreement exclusively using the executive agency for an agreed period (the executive agency operates a leased aircraft but does not manage it); 5.

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