Basin Plan Implementation Agreement

Note: The Authority may publish guidelines on the implementation of risk management or management strategies referred to in point 4.02 in accordance with section 4.04. 2. This paragraph shall apply where, at a given time, between the first day of June and the last day of August of the same water calculation period, the most pessimistic planning of the water resources assessment shows that the balance of the quantity of extraction water referred to in point 11.04 cannot be delivered for the remainder of that water calculation period. (2) When drawing up a long-term irrigation plan, a Member State must take into account the basin-wide environmental irrigation strategy (Division 2). 3.08 Water calculation period for each water resources planning area. 20 (2) The water resources plan for each zone shall provide for the coordination of environmental irrigation between the two zones. (e) where applicable, the environmental water provisions set out in the transitional water resources plan, in the interim water resources plan or in the water resources plan for the area of the water plan. 10.09 Identification of planned environmental water and record of retained environmental waters 99 6. The average annual water inflows into the basins (including transfers between the basins) are of the order of 32,500 GL (MDBA 2011d). Keyte, P 1994, Lower Gwydir Wetland – Management Plan 1994-1997, report of the NSW Department of Water Resources for the Low Gwydir Management Committee, Sydney. (f) the existence of management plans covering broader issues concerning the management of natural resources; and the water resources plan, consisting of two or more instruments (f) to promote and implement the hydrographic plan and the hydrographic plans; (a) for water resources planning areas consisting solely of LDC surface water resource units in accordance with Section 2; 11.08 Risk management approach for inter-annual planning (Act § 86C, § 1 Z.1.c) 128 Note: See the general objectives of the environmental irrigation plan in section 8.04. A water resources plan shall require a river basin State proposing an amendment to the plan resulting from a review to inform the Authority of the reasons for the change.

A water resources plan must provide at least the same level of protection of indigenous values and uses as in: (d) annual environmental irrigation priorities for all water resources planning areas; (1) A water resources plan shall provide that the irrigation of the environment shall be carried out in such a way as to: (3) The water resources shall be those described in Chapter 3, Part 2, as water resources of the water resources planning area and identified on the basis of the same description of those water resources as those described in this Part. 1. A water resources plan shall provide for the monitoring of water resources in water in water. resource planning area that is implemented to enable the watershed State to meet its obligations under section 13.14. 3. For the avoidal doubt, the requirements of points (b) and 2(e) of paragraph 2 shall apply only if a water resources plan has been accredited or adopted for the water plan site. Note: See section 10.09, which requires water resource plans to identify waters intended for the environment and, in certain circumstances, to maintain a record of conserved environmental waters. (b) enable adaptive management in the planning, prioritisation and use of environmental waters; and the water resources plan must include the list of requirements Long-term water bodies will also be taken into account when developing new water resource plans. 2.

The water resources plan shall indicate the timetable for the implementation of the measures. Division 5 – Assessments, Audits and Information Audits on Changes and Implementation of the Pelvic Plan 163 Long-Term Water Plans will provide long-term objectives and strategies for water management in the 9 basins of NSW`s Murray Darling Basin. . . .

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