California Commercial Real Estate Lease Agreement

The payment by the tenant of this additional rent from the beginning of the term of the rental contract is ______ separated from the cheque or instrument; which the tenant uses to make payments for the base rent referred to in paragraph 4 A. Modified Gross – This form of commercial lease is between gross and triple net (NNN), as landlords and tenants share the costs between them. Simply put, both the tenant and the landlord share some of the maintenance and tax costs. Commercial leases are often not entered into when a family member owns the building and authorizes the company to use it without paying. Deposit: This section of the rental agreement describes the value of the deposit and the conditions for returning the deposit at the end of the contract. If the lessor has never had an inspection and therefore no CASp report, the following statement must be included in the lease agreement: (a) The rights and remedies provided for in California Civil Code Section 1951.2, including, but not limited to, the recovery of value at the time of awarding the amount for which the outstanding rent for the balance of the term after the award date exceeds the amount of the loss of rent for the same amount. Period from which the lessee demonstrates that it could reasonably be avoided, as calculated in accordance with subsection (b) of section 1951.2 above.

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