Car Agreement Problem

“I appreciate your concerns about your airbag light, and if you look at the history of your visits, it was difficult to solve them. At first, the error could not be replicated, the calculator indicating that something had happened in the past, but now it was correct, and it took until your third visit for the error to manifest itself, to try to solve the problem. Hello, Graeme. If you purchased the car from a Nissan dealership, the seller would normally agree to review at no cost if you only had a few days. Also, the car will likely still be under its new car warranty. If it turns out that the problem was not guaranteed or it was your own fault (i.e. – you damaged the suspension by going too fast above a speed limit), they would charge you. Hi Stuart We got the 16th. November bought a used car from 2015. The next day we made a trip of about 40 miles and found a heating problem in the car. Although the heating in the foot room worked well, along the passenger door of the car was freezing cold. The cold also seemed to pass through the seat and led to an icy back and leg. Even after about 20 miles, the car developed a buzzing vibration/hum on the dashboard that lasted the entire ride.

We called the dealer and then took the car so they could see it on Tuesday the 22nd. They called later that day and said they couldn`t find anything wrong with it. Can you advise us on whether we have consumer rights? Hello, Jon. You shouldn`t have to wait for him to sell the car to pay you. He is obliged to reimburse you for the car, not after selling it. Obviously, this is less desirable for him, as he should probably put the car on his finances, but that`s not your problem. No, your warranty does not replace your legal rights. Yes, you need to write to the merchant and talk to your financial company, and then confirm in writing with him.

In some cases, the financial company has been very helpful for customers to refuse the cars by siding with the dealer and effectively forcing the dealer to accept the refusal. Yes, you must continue your monthly payments until the finance company confirms that the financing contract has been terminated. And I call the garage where I bought the car to inform them of what happened on the car, and I only drive it twice from there to the house, the next day to my work, and today to take my girlfriend to the airport, the problem comes on the car. And they said that there were no more things between us and, as they told me, the car was problem-free and drove for work and social activities, and as stated on the announcement that the car drives well the right comfort conditions no problem, etc. so they have no idea if the car has this problem or not. and it was sold without warranty that I can`t take it back and there is no need for them to fix it. Let it be sold, so it is sold. On the day of the sale, I even inspected the car for 10 minutes or less, where no problem, but now there is a problem. This is only the case for contractual rent. If you have purchased a contract, you can terminate your contract at any time as long as you have paid 50% of the total contract to be paid and it is a regulated agreement.

Therefore, if you have concluded more than half of your contract and can meet the aforementioned criteria, you have the right to terminate. . . .

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