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The game I’d someday like to make

Although it’s likely to never come about, I’d like to think of this writing as tracking progress toward a game I’ve wanted to make for a very long time, called Immortals of Hishran.

When the game starts the players are in a world that has been split in two.  On one side is the ordinary world where mortals go about their business and live their lives.  On the other side is the Shadow of Hishran.  This is where the Demimortals live, the players.  There is a substantially large city that they inhabit and are confined within.   (This premise may share some passing resemblance to Brandon Sanderson’s new book Warbreaker, but my plot will likely not nearly be as good.  Go read his books!)

The Demimortals having nothing better to do have found cracks in the fabric dividing the two worlds of Hishran and have found a way to possess the mortals on the other side.  Thus, they search for answers to questions.  Who they are?  How they came to be?  How can they permanently escape that blasted City in the Shadow?

The idea formed around the desire to test some principles of AI interaction.  I wanted to have an alife system which was stable and where the individuals acted … well as individuals without an overall guidance, but up to the level of fairly complex societies.  Then I could introduce humans into the mix, having them operate on the same level the AI operated (both playing the same game, having the same game controls) and see how things went with the AI observing and responding to the humans, and the humans hopefully intrigued by the AI.

So, I will treat this as a way to progress toward the goal of creating the game, but also to talk about some of the things I have done over time to approach that goal.  Some of these will lead to posts about Behavioral Cloning, Sheep and Wolves, Unity Games, and of course more about the world of the Immortals… for a sneak peak, I’m running a campaign at Obsidian Portal in the world a millennium before the video game would start.

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