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Build 15 Released

Get it at the Download page!

This update includes:

  • A new horde mode that supports both single-player and co-op multiplayer
  • Xbox360 controller support
  • A high-score list

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End of the World Sale!

Longshot is now 77% off at Desura for 12/21/12 only! Get it before it’s all over!

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Build 14 Released

You can download it on our Download page to get build 13 and use the in-game update to patch to build 14. If you have problems running the patch, you can run it as a standalone from the same directory where Longshot is installed.

Look out for build 15 sometime around Dec 15th; we’ll be adding an entirely new game mode for single player and multiplayer! While we don’t want to give it away entirely, the engineer will become a lynch pin ship in these new modes.

Updates in this release include:

  • Updates to the AI
  • Fixes to the options menu
  • Added messages to let you know when you score a kill or an assist
  • You can now Activate the game on up to three machines (if you need more feel free to contact us about it)
  • Improvements to the scoring system, including end-of-game awards
  • and a few more surprises.

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