Elastic License Agreement

I read your license in such a way that it allows us to use free SSL encryption with our customers both for our customers who provide our software on-premises and in our hosted cloud (SaaS) offering. We want to send our product to customers who are looking for elastic.co and use free encryption and who host our product with elastic.co free SSL encryption. Elastic search is only a small part of our solution, the main feature of our software is the detection of financial fraud. I am not a lawyer, let alone your lawyer, so I am afraid I cannot answer it. Fortunately, the license covers this eventuality in the last sentence of paragraph 1.2: at Elastic, we are delighted with our products, their users and the community. We all want Elasticsearch to be used and distributed as much as possible and for its users to be able to rely on the origins and persistence of the code. The CLA helps us achieve this goal. Although Elastic Stack Features are distributed under Elastic`s proprietary license, the company says they are nonetheless open. The most fundamental features of Elastic Stack, such as security, monitoring, and warnings, can be used for free, while advanced Elastic stack functions such as machine learning, graphical database functions, and SQL functions must be acquired. However, all Elastic Stack functions are developed openly, Elastic says.

On May 20, 1, 2019, Elastic made available the core security features of the Elastic Stack free of charge, including TLS for encrypted communication, file and native reality for user creation and management, and roll-based access control to control user access to cluster APIs and indexes. [20] The corresponding source code is available under the Elastic License, a license available at the source. [21] In addition, Elasticsearch now offers SIEM [22] and Machine Learning [23] as part of its services. . . .

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