Georgia Tech Equipment Loan Agreement

This procedure describes the steps to use off-campus devices at a remote site or at a home employee. The intellectual property developed at Georgia Tech is generally owned by Georgia Tech Research Corporation or georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation under an agreement with the Board of Regents. The Georgia Tech Intellectual Property Policy sets out in detail your property and royalty rights. Individuals who obtain authorization from the college/department to temporarily remove devices from campus must complete an equipment credit agreement form. No no. Sponsored research contracts are concluded by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the Office of Industry Engagement (OIE). While there may be legal issues in many of these agreements negotiated by the PSO, the Office of Legal Affairs is not regularly involved in the negotiation process. Legal cases only review such agreements if osP requires it for general law issues or by the Industry Office for intellectual property matters, but such checks take place for a small number of research contracts. If you believe that Legal Affairs might be involved in verifying or negotiating your research contract and you have not yet heard of us, please call us to find out if the contract is in our office.

Yolanda Gay Claims Coordinator Phone: To lend equipment to a sponsor or other third party for use in a sponsored research project, you must contact your contract agent within the Office of Sponsored Programs. All other equipment loan contracts are executed by the Office of Legal Affairs and should be forwarded to us for review and approval of legal requirements. Donation agreements should be sent to the development office for processing. Equipment loaned to Georgia Tech is only covered by Georgia Tech`s insurance if the loan is covered by a written agreement. The donated equipment is covered by insurance as soon as the title is transferred to Georgia Tech. However, donations of equipment should also be covered by a written agreement. Contact the Office of Insurance and Claims Management for any specific questions regarding device insurance coverage. Trade secrets are usually information that companies keep secret in order to give them an advantage over their competitors. Frederick Trotter Director of Insurance & Assets Phone: 404-894-3483 Please contact the Office of Legal Affairs immediately.

If you are prosecuted or served with a subpoena for actions you have performed in the course of your work, you are normally defended by the Attorney General`s Office of Georgia. If a judgment is rendered against you for actions in the course of your employment, it is covered by the State of Georgia`s self-insurance coverage. For specific details on insurance coverage, please contact the Georgia Tech Office of Insurance and Claims Management.

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