Guarantor Document For Tenancy Agreement

The interest of a guarantor is to be ready to finance the rental debts of the person you personally want to guarantee. Hiya there, I confessed for a house with a guarantor, and the agent estete is demanding accountability because their own shop is there. we should be required to provide this information. how did I not do it with my last agent? If the guarantor doesn`t seem appropriate, you want to either ask your potential tenant to find someone who is, or find a tenant who can provide a qualified surety. I also don`t understand why my guarantor was contacted with such a threatening letter. As if I had been contacted and told I had to pay, I would like to establish a payment plan. As I said before, they had sent letters to the wrong address and even though they had my email address, they didn`t try to contact me. Finding a suitable guarantor is probably as important as finding a suitable tenant. It is important to note that a guarantor should never compensate an infit tenant; Tenants and guarantors should punctuate the i`s and cross the t`s (for example. B should have adequate income and references). The letter of guarantee is made as an introduction to the process. Hello, my partner and I took over a private rental property on September 12, 2010, until September 12, 2011, we are currently in the property, we have not signed another lease (we were hoping to create a new property when the contract expired).

My partner father agreed to be Gaurantour for us when we first took the lease, but due to personal circumstances he no longer wants to be Gaurantour, someone could let us know where he stands, thank you Hello – I pay £50 a month for just over a year, for rent arrears in my previous property. The owner was always ok until my partner (who was renting with me) left me with our two young children. I have always been honest with the owner, and explained that I could not afford the £50 a month on my income and we agreed on £20 a month. It was my fault, and I want to fix it without the guarantor (my mother) being involved. Everything was fine, I paid through the original rental agent because I felt more comfortable. However, last week she decided to go to her lawyer to get money from the guarantor if I couldn`t pay and more per month. As I paid over £1000 of these debts and the rest is £380, I was a little angry. We agreed on a £30 a month deal, plus I have to pay their lawyer`s fees.

I still want to pay the rental agent, not them. I`m sometimes harassed by her with up to 4 emails a day, and I just don`t want to have to deal with her. .

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