Marble Agreement

The company was born thanks to the entrepreneur Mario Mella, who chose to devote his time to the world of natural stones in several activities. Based on the results obtained over the years, he founded in 1970 a wood mill for marble and granite slabs, the “M.G.M”. Thanks to his experience and the growth of the markets, he founded Grani Mar in 1985, in which he wanted to invest energy and capital. 16. Coloring can occur on granite and marble and must be taken into account in order not to come into contact with the installation. Similarly, granite can break or chop if heavy objects fall on it. TERMS CONFLIT It is agreed that the sale will take place under the conditions and guarantees included. In the magnitude of a dispute, these terms and conditions take precedence over all buyer order forms. An agreement amending, amending or extending the terms of this contract is only valid if it has been duly signed in writing by the parties. Grani-mar is a well-established 30-year-old reality in the natural stone processing industry into semi-products and finished products. The main activity is the manufacture and sale of marble, quartz, granite, travertine and stone panels.

In addition, the company is able to supply half products of all kinds and sizes. The know-how and skills of Grani Mar and its collaborators enable us to meet the aesthetic, functional and qualitative needs of the ordering sector, from interior architecture to exterior design and urban projects. 18. Notwithstanding other provisions of this agreement, this agreement will not provide any benefits to third parties (for the purposes of the Contracts Act (third party rights) of 1999 or for other purposes). 21. If the buyer wishes to terminate the contract after signing, the buyer`s deposit expires (maximum 30%) and is agreed as a loss of harm and not as a penalty, as is the case for contracts for which materials have not been ordered by the company. If the goods ordered by the buyer were ordered by the company, the total value of the contract will have to be paid as loss of profit and other damages, especially in cases where granite or marble have been custom cut. FORCE MAJEURE Marble Systems, Inc. is not responsible for delays in delivery or suspension or cancellation of service or any other failure of eunder service for reasons not under its control, including, but not limited to, God or government actions, labor disputes or inability to secure materials , work or transportation. In the event of a delay, Marble Systems, Inc.`s delivery or delivery time is extended by a period corresponding to the duration of the delay. ASSIGNMENT This agreement cannot be sold by the purchaser without the prior written consent of Marble Systems, Inc. Any attempt to transfer rights, obligations or obligations under this directive without the written consent of Marble Systems, Inc.

is quashed. Commercial relations and synergies with the Chinese province of Laizhou to give Verona and Italian companies greater visibility through an interactive platform. This is the common denominator of the agreement signed on 25 September evening in Aquardens, the Valpolicella Spa Park in Santa Lucia di Pescantina. This agreement was reached by Davide Muzzolon, Signed the Vice President of the Confindustria Marmomacchine and Sun Yulin of Laizhou Stone Material, Association.At signed similar cooperation agreements between Filiberto Semenzin, president of the Veneto Marble and Stones District, and Sun Shengde, president of the Association of Citizians, and between Roberto Zorzi, mayor of Sant`Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Vr) and Gong Quan. We are committed to supporting and supporting Italian companies that wish to invest in China by encouraging tax breaks,” said Sun Yulin, President of the Stone Material Association, representing the large Chinese delegation, present in Aquardens and verona for the Marmomacc International Exhibition.

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