Repurchase Agreement Swift

Refers to the decrease in positions held by the ICSD to the common custodian due to custody operations (purchase, pre-publication, corpus event). Refers to a reverse pension reservation. cash loans/credits; Credit credits; Signing of the master`s contract. The settlement transactions recorded include repurchase transactions, portfolio transfers, internal account movements, collateral exchanges and the distribution of corporate shares. The use of the billing codes CONV, ISSU, REAL, RELE, NETT, NSYN, MKUP, MKDW, SYND is subject to the existence of a bilateral agreement. If Qualifier is STAM, the data source system should be used to indicate the type of stamp duty or the reason for the exemption, for example. B in the United Kingdom and Ireland (CRST), South Africa (STRA), etc. No change in economic property (NCBO). If there is a permanent statement for the change of economic owner (CBO), this statement should be ignored. . Refers to a turnaround: the same warranty is bought and sold to pay on the same day, or by different brokers. Shows the ordering party`s ability to manage. Refers to the issuance of financial instruments by a consortium of underwriters and an executive.

Refers to a portfolio change from one investment manager to another and/or from an account services provider to another. It is generally calculated differently from another bank transfer (OWNE, OWNI, INSP), hence the need to identify this type of transfer as such. Commodities, for example, include futures and options on gold, silver, wheat. . Refers to the payment of certain amounts of certain sub-accounts. . In a cancellation request (case 23G:CANC),:22F::FXCX/FXNO and FXYE indicate whether a forex entered in the message should also be cancelled. In a new message (heading:23G:NEWM), “22F::FXCX/SINO” states that a forex statement should not apply because an initial FX order has been maintained. Trading stock options (also known as stock options). If, according to market practices, a fence/return leg is ordered, it is ordered by sending the following combination of message type (MT) and billing type (:22F::SETR): .

Delivery is made without payment, but a clean payment order is sent. Shows the role of the party in the transaction. Refers to a guarantee transaction from the point of view of the warranty holder or his representative. The solution automatically connects asset managers and brokers, global deposits and local agents, as well as billing participants and market infrastructures such as T2S, CSD, CCPs and central repositories. Trade in the exotic option, for example, a non-standard option. Ot-of-the-counter derivatives, for example, privately traded and negotiated contracts. Shows the billing database to be used to deduct the parties to the transaction. Whether the compensation booking should be compensated by an RGS or non-RRA system.

Get the commercial benefits of standardization and automation Shows which cash billing system should be used. Share exchange transactions in which return on equity is exchanged for a fixed or variable interest rate.

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