Scotrail Track Access Agreement

Existing agreements oblige companies to cooperate and develop certain projects that allow for more integrated work and that improve passenger service or reduce costs. Alliances can explore ways to better manage stations to provide better service to passengers, better plan engineering work or improve train punctuality. A consolidated (or compliant) agreement is a document containing all approved amendments to the existing approved agreement. True copy published on 30 June 2020 until the 135th amendment This has led to the creation of a joint senior management team in Waterloo for the installation of trains and lines on the Wessex line – a much more interconnected mode of operation. The development and transparency of our system operator activities is therefore essential and builds on the advances in capacity and performance management described above. This change had already led to greater upward robustness and local ownership of our plans. An alliance has been developed, including the wessex route (one of our decentralised operating regions) and South West Trains. Different forms of alliances have now been created throughout the country, depending on local needs. For example, the close alliance with South West Trains and an alliance under discussion, which will follow the Re-2015 ScotRail. ScotRail Alliance is a close collaboration between Abellio ScotRail and Network Rail Scotland Route.

The aim is to improve our railway in Scotland for our customers through better cooperation..

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