Siast Faculty Collective Agreement

Find the important dates and deadlines included in the collective agreement. If you have any doubts about these dates or if you have any other questions, contact the collective agreement and/or your trusted agent. All current market exchanges available to deal with recruitment/engagement issues must be reviewed within 90 days of ratification through meaningful consultation with the Academic Bargaining Unit. The new scholarships cannot be implemented without the mutual agreement of the parties. The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology conducts a market study within 90 days of ratification of this agreement. The criteria and principles of the studies will be defined through meaningful consultations between the parties and the study will serve as a basis for the next round of negotiations. Distribution of teachers` tasks (collective agreement reference: section 18.1.3): until 31 May as far as possible. Leave (collective agreement number: section 39.1.3): valid until 31 March; CB positions are planning until April 15. Salary increases (collective agreement reference: Article 33.4): All permanent faculty members who worked at OC on March 31, 2006 will receive a salary increase on April 1, until the maximum salary is reached. All other employees will receive a raise on the anniversary of the start of continuous employment at OC.

Professional indemnity (reference of the collective agreement: clause 37.7): Ask before May 31 for expenses incurred during the previous year. Social workers are an opportunity to meet members of the board of directors and the board of your union as well as other faculties. The following sites indicate which campus representative hosts, but the social ones are open to all members throughout the campus. Retirement (collective agreement reference: section 26.1.1): Please note that as of January 1, 2008, this conventional language will not comply with British Columbia`s current human rights legislation, which effectively ends mandatory retirement. If the normal retirement date is unchanged on June 30, there is no longer an obligation under our collective agreement for a worker to retire at age 65. The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology agrees to create a Flex Personal Expense Account that provides the opportunity to obtain professional development expenses based on zero net costs to the employer. .

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