Termination Of Rental Agreement Denmark

The landlord cannot terminate the contract due to previous disputes with the tenant regarding the amount of rent or the landlord`s illegal fees. The contract concluded for a given period expires with immediate effect on the date indicated in the contract or for the aforementioned reasons. If you rent a lease to live in, you can get a lease with your landlord. The rental agreement defines the formal conditions that can be set for a lease and what must be written. If you decide to terminate your lease within the commitment period, we will try to conduct the lease immediately. In the event of termination of a lease agreement during the commitment period, you will have to pay a relocation fee corresponding to a brokerage fee for which Balder Danmark pays an external broker. Under these laws, the termination period for termination of the contract depends on the type of property rented:1. If it is only a room (without kitchen) – one month`s notice2. In all other cases, three months` notice.

Termination period to terminate the rental agreementIf you rent a house or apartment without written agreement or if the contract does not set the notice period provided for in paragraph 11, you must apply the legal provisions – Lejelov. You have 1 and 3 months of prepaid rent respectively. The prepaid rent is used for the last month/month of the rental period. The prepaid rent only covers the rent and so you still have to pay the other expenses like aconto heat and water etc. The rental agreement distinguishes between internal and external maintenance obligations. Internal maintenance consists of white washing, painting, wall paperwork and floor painting. If you would like us to reinvent for a date other than your normal termination, you must indicate a specific evacuation date, which must be set at 10 full bank days before the 1st or 15th of the month. Then we will try to rent the apartment on the desired date. If we do not find a new tenant for the desired date, you will remain responsible until the release date.

Typical tenant mistakes often occur in the context of moving in. What often happens is that tenants sign the lease without having read and understood it carefully. . . .

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