Total War 2 Trade Agreements

Maintaining friendly relationships with other groups offers you a number of advantages. Firstly, the trade agreement and the non-aggression pact that guarantees the security of your country. The military access treaty allows your armies to move freely within the territories of another faction (which, without it, is treated as a violation of borders and leads to a deterioration of your relations). Political groups can agree to trade with each other through diplomacy. A trade agreement between two groups In addition, if you click on any group in the right tab, you will see a list of contracts and agreements that bind the group, as well as some information about the commercial goods they have (which import and export). Here you will find some personal information about group leaders. At the bottom of the screen are the treaties signed by different political groups. If you roll with the mouse over the symbol of each group, you will see a list of factors that affect your relationships. There are different possibilities: Beastmen, Greenskin and Warriors of Chaos factions cannot act. Each resource you export provides a sum of money in each round.

The income you receive from the resource can be verified by navigating to the resource indicated in the Diplomacy tab with the mouse. To check how much money you receive from trade with a political group, you need to drive the mouse over the trade agreement symbol next to the political group indicated in the diplomacy tab. Trade is an exchange of goods that you can generate in certain buildings (wood, iron, exotic animals, etc.). You can negotiate with another group if they don`t have the resource you`re dealing with – otherwise they won`t be interested. Different commodities have different prices, and the income from trade depends on the amount of the resource you produce. It is because of tradition. If you think there`s a stool, you wouldn`t deal with a vampire. Nor have I ever seen evidence that more trade resources increase the likelihood that someone will agree to a trade deal. The diplomatic system here is very veiled. I have seen that the political groups of +200 relations oppose a profitable trade for them and that the political groups with +5 relations accept the same trade. .

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