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Tower Defense Example

Play with the demo here

This is an early performance test of a new RTS framework I’m working on using RAIN{Indie} (also available on the Asset Store) and based on the code I’ve developed for Netstorm II. This library will be generalized for many possible RTS-like games.

This first test is a simple tower defense game. I will next make a MOBA style game and then finally a full RTS game with base building etc.

Features expected in the Release:

  • Source code for the library and all examples
  • Code documentation and a tutorial for building the three example types.
  • Customized RAIN{Indie} components including a heavily cached Grid-based A* Navigation and unit Behavior Trees.
  • All components fully networked using Built-in Unity Networking (future examples will include networked code)
  • Highly performant code allowing hundreds of units in play at once
  • Large squad control including avoidance and flocking behaviors.

Not planned:

  • Full player AI. (But maybe sometime…)
  • Really nice models.
  • Fancier graphics.

Netstorm II is currently a free download here:

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