Sanity Engine


The Sanity Engine is a project intended to be an easy to use game AI engine for use with the Unity Game Editor. This project is a work in progress, and this page will be updated as the code changes.

Source Code

Source code is available at github.


The source code for the Sanity Engine is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

More information on the license is available here.

Getting Started

To start using the project, you can simply clone the git repository into your project’s Assets folder. The next time you open your project, or once Unity notices the directory has changed, the project should be imported into your Assets folder or any sub-folder within. If not, you may need to force a refresh. (See the Unity documentation for more information)

Once the SanityEngine folder is in your project, you can now use any of the components. For more information, see the Documentation section.



API Documentation

API documentation is coming soon.

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